Hop in. The Whale Rock-n-Roll time machine is powered up and all ready to go...back to May 1970.

That was the time that the rock group Free had just released All Right Now. It was their only hit song. It peaked in the top five on both the U.S. and U.K. singles charts. Several other countries saw the song top their singles charts.

Free was comprised of Andy Fraser, Paul Kossoff, Simon Kirke, and Paul Rodgers. The band had its ups and downs with problems that eventually made it a short lived life.

After the band broke up in 1973, Paul and Simon went on to join Bad Company. And Paul fronted Queen for a few years. Paul Kossoff passed away in 1976 and Andy Fraser died in 2015.

During the time they were together, Free had a major success selling albums and touring around the world.The song All Right Now continues to be a Classic Rock staple, and it's one of those songs that you don't get tired of hearing.

For this week's Classic Rock Pick, let's hop back in the Whale Rock-n-Roll time machine and head to the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 to watch Free perform All Right Now.


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