Ace Frehley revealed that he had dismissed the members of his solo band and replaced them with members of Gene Simmons’ solo group.

The former Kiss guitarist had been touring with guitarist Richie Scarlet, bassist Chris Wyse and drummer Scot Coogan. Scarlet’s connections with Frehley go back to the ‘80s, while Coogan had been a bandmate since 2007. Wyse started collaborating in 2014.

“I’m changing the lineup in my band,” Frehley told the Cassius Morris Show. “I’m actually gonna start working with the band that back up Gene. I worked with them in Australia, and they also did eight shows with me in Japan. And I realized that … I think they were better than my current lineup, so I’ve decided to make a change.”

You can listen to the interview below.

The band that backed both Frehley and Simmons in Australia includes guitarists Philip Schouse, Ryan Cook and Jeremy Asbrock, plus drummer Christopher Williams. Shouse played bass while onstage with Frehley, who, in the new interview, said “they’re younger and more hungry.”

Recalling the tour with Frehley and Simmons, Shouse told, “"We were all just having the time of our lives. … I think Ace was pretty shocked after the first show that we did with no rehearsal and we pulled it off. By the third show we'd really hit our stride and were on fire for the rest of the tour.”

Kiss recently announced their End of the Road farewell tour, which raised speculation that previous members, including Frehley, could make guest appearances on the road.

“From what I read on the internet, I think the fans really want me back in the band,” he said. “I’m doing fine without Kiss, but if it was offered to me in the right way, I'd seriously consider returning for the last tour. But I haven't been asked yet, so it's kind of up in the air.”


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