This morning I had a strange but true story about a man in London who is 88 years old named John Nixon. He witnessed a woman being robbed by a group of five knive-wielding thugs who were in their late teens or early twenties. The Telegraph reported that he yelled to them to leave her alone. So they decided to try and rob him instead. That turned out to be a huge mistake. John in his younger days was trained as a Commando, and according to The Telegraph, he said his training kicked in and he decided to take on all five of them. He ended up karate chopping one of the assailants in the neck and knocked him semi-unconscious. That was enough to scare off his four accomplices. Before they ran away, one of them pulled out a knife and cut John's hand.

This story made me smile. I thought it was awesome that a bunch of punks thought they were tough enough to rob a lady and then an old man, only to have one of them get the crap beat out of him and the other four run away like little babies.

Congratulations John Nixon, you are definitely a hero. Check out John's picture on the Telegraph website. I hope the cops catch them, cuff them, and let John have a few minutes alone with them.


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