I have been in the radio biz for longer that I would like to admit. Not because I'm ashamed of radio ( I love it), but because you may say, "Wow, that guy is old!"

Mentally, I feel I'm an immature 17 year old. Well, that's one thing you didn't know about me. Here's five more. Thanks for caring...or not.

  • liveslow, ThinkStock
    liveslow, ThinkStock

    Born in the South

    My father joined the Army in the mid 50s. My Mother followed him when he was transferred to Fort Hood, Texas to be an MP (Military Police.) The birds and bees happened, and I was born at the hospital on the base.

  • Scott Jantzen, ThinkStock
    Scott Jantzen, ThinkStock

    I'm a Drummer

    Well, I was. Began in middle school. Joined the band in high school, playing everything from cymbals to bass drum to tenor drum and then to snare drum. In addition to concert band, I was in marching band and the jazz band. Out of school, the drums went silent.

  • Jovani Carlo Gorospe, ThinkStock
    Jovani Carlo Gorospe, ThinkStock

    I'm Left-Handed

    When I was a kid, it took me a while to understand why I kept getting pen ink on my hand while writing, when most of my classmates did not. Oh, it was the way I wrote as a left-handed person. Curse you right-handed world!

  • bubaone, ThinkStock
    bubaone, ThinkStock

    When not at Work, I love to...

    ...spend time camping. Well, that is from May 1st to October 31st, weather permitting. No, I don't rough it. Been there, done that. I arrive to a fully furnished travel trailer at an awesome campground, and proceed to seek out camp friends, campfire and beer...not necessarily in that order.

  • Ryan McVay, ThinkStock
    Ryan McVay, ThinkStock

    Spent 3 Years at a 2 Year College

    About a month into my freshman year, I discovered the campus had just put a radio station on the air. Oh boy. That was it. Skipped too many classes over the next two years, in favor of spending time at the radio station. Stayed for a third. Degree? Nope. The Radio force is a strong one, Luke.

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