OK, so... Rick Daniels Pro Tip not mentioned? Don't play on your phone to fall asleep, your brain thinks the light it gives off is sunlight.  Your welcome. Now, the other 5 things that are less important because they are not a Rick Daniels Pro Tip... :-)

1.  Don't chug a glass of water.  Drinking something cold wakes you up.  And you're also more likely to have to get up and use the bathroom all night.

2.  Don't smoke a cigarette.  Most smokers think it helps them relax.  Nope. Nicotine is a stimulant, just like caffeine.  So if you smoke right before bed, you can have trouble falling asleep and in case you've been living in a constant state of wonderment, e-cigarettes will do the same thing.

3.  Don't play a video game.  I think they are a complete waste of time to begin with. Why spend so much time playing a game when you could be out making money?? but I digress. The light from the TV can wake you up, just like your phone.  But playing a game also requires more brainpower than just watching TV.  So if you play a game and get right into bed, your body isn't ready to sleep yet.

4.  Don't let your pet jump in bed with you.  You don't realize it, but you toss and turn a lot more when there's a cat or dog in bed with you.  One study found that when people slept with a pet, 63% of them didn't sleep well that night.

5.  Don't take a shower.  If you always shower at night, it's okay because your body's used to it.  But if you usually shower in the morning, your body thinks it means it's time to to get up and get at it rather than sleep.

Source: Health