After experiencing wind chills around 30 below zero, today's high of 30 degrees on the positive side, feels warm. The last few days in Binghamton have been brutal. We had the wind chill warning in effect from Thursday evening through Sunday morning. I was outside a couple of times during that timeframe and each time the wind blew, it felt like it just cut right through your clothes.

Today, as I walked down Court Street to get lunch, I thought to myself, 'it's pretty warm out here'. Even yesterday during the afternoon, you could definitely tell that it was warmer. Think about it, if the wind chill made it feel like 30 below, and today we are 30 degrees above zero, that's a 60-degree difference. You can definitely feel a 60-degree difference in temperature. And, the weather from our friends at WBNG Storm Track 12 is calling for temperatures in the mid-40s on Thursday and Friday. But, before you get too excited, they're predicting the high on Sunday is only going to be 18.

You gotta love Binghamton weather.

[via WBNG]

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