The Dick Sporting Goods Open is just a few weeks away. The P.G.A. Champions will invade En-joie Golf Club in Endicott for two days of Pro-Am play, and three days of tournament play.

I love this event. I look forward to it every year. Not just because you get to see golf legends play on a course that you can play on, but to be part of the biggest event our area hosts ever year.

The tournament wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the volunteers. Each year hundreds of volunteers donate their time to make sure this massive event goes off without a hitch. From set up to take down, from working the ticket booth to security, everyone is a volunteer. There are Marshals (the people that hold up signs to quiet the crowd with a golfer is about to take a shot) and Walking Scorers that walk with the players and use a palm pilot to record every shot and the result of each stroke. They have people that volunteer to cook and serve food, and even people who drive the players and their families around as part of the transportation team.

WNBF News/Roger Neel Photo

I've been a Walking Scorer for the last six years or so. My wife Chris has been doing it for 23 years. In fact, that's how we met up again back in 2001 at the B.C. Open. Last year when I had some extra time on my hands, I not only volunteered as a Walking Scorer, but I also Volunteered as part of the Transportation Team, picking up cars for the players, and bringing them to the golf course.

Like I said, it takes hundreds, if not thousands of volunteers to make the event happen. You should consider doing it this year! I'm sure you will get the same feeling of pride and accomplishment that I do after the Champion is crowned on Sunday afternoon. With the proceeds going to benefit local charities, its great for our community as well.

Check out all the volunteer possibilities on the Dick's Sporting Goods Open website. There are a lot of perks that go with volunteering as well, like the volunteer party, free admission to watch the golf, and free admission to see the Bon Jovi concert if you volunteer that day.

WNBF News/Roger Neel Photo