It's no secret that rock and metal have fallen from the commercial peaks at which they once stood. Although live events remain in a healthy state thanks to the festival circuit, numbers elsewhere have seen decreases essentially across the board..

A look through both of the current U.S. and Global Top 50 charts on Spotify - which tally the highest-streamed songs over the last 24 hours - doesn't show a single active rock or metal track. Hip-hop has taken over, with pop maintaining its perpetual momentum. Country continues ride in its own lane, but even active rock's most popular Spotify playlist, Rock This, doesn't have as many subscribers (roughly 4,410,000) as country's largest playlist, Hot Country, which has around 5,199,000.

And all of that all goes without mentioning how rock is entirely absent from Top 40 radio, which it used to have a prominent presence at. While there have been great moments inside rock and metal's bubble over the last few years, the genres have been continually pushed further from the limelight.

2019, however, is beginning to feel like a new dawn for the beloved genres. Numerous A-list acts will be returning with new albums, including Slipknot, Rammstein, the legendary Megadeth and (hopefully) Tool. It has been years since we've had new releases from any of those names, let alone all in one year.

Speaking on Slipknot specifically, the band's last two albums debuted at No. 1, which means they are aiming for their third No. 1 in a row in 2019. The group's surprise "All Out Life" single is an incredibly heavy song for Rock Radio's current climate, and yet it has been making a steady climb to where it currently sits at No. 16.

Additionally, Danny Wimmer will be taking his numerous festivals to the next level. Perhaps most notable is Sonic Temple. The three-day art and music fest will feature headliners Foo Fighters, System of a Down and Disturbed, alongside Bring Me the Horizon, the Prodigy, Ghost, Halestorm, Lamb of God and many others.

"The idea behind Sonic Temple is walking into something bigger than yourself, where YOU belong, or where you were always meant to be," commented Wimmer at the lineup's announcement time. "The crowd is unparalleled, and the energy is electrifying, like going to a place of worship. We want this festival to be a temple of rock n’ roll. We want this to be the ultimate rock experience for the true fans who love the genre as much as we do.”

Additionally, Wimmer has announced the inaugural Epicenter Festival and the return of Welcome to Rockville. Both feature legendary names such as Tool, Korn and Rob Zombie, among others.

Other groups scheduled to drop new music in 2019 include Avenged Sevenfold, Deftones, Evanescence, Papa Roach, Bring Me the Horizon and many others. Head below to see an extensive list of upcoming releases.

Buckle up, rockers and metalheads - 2019 is going to be a wild ride.

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