In 1991, we lost two great rock legends - Paul Charles Caravella and Farrokh Bulsara.
Paul is better known as Eric Carr, the second drummer from Kiss, and Farrokh is known to the world as Freddie Mercury, lead vocal for Queen.

Eric, known as 'The Fox', passed away on this day in 1991 due to complications from cancer. He was 41. Born in 1950 in Brooklyn, NY, Eric rocked the drums for Kiss from 1980 to 1991. Unfortunately, Eric didn't get a lot of press on the day he died, due to the fact that Freddie Mercury had also passed away on that same day.

Freddie died of complications of aids. One day earlier he had gone public with the announcement he was HIV positive. Freddie passed away on November 24th, 1991 at age 45. He was born September 5th, 1946 in Zanzibar. Freddie was a co-founder of Queen along with Roger Taylor and Brian May.

For this week's Classic Rock Pick, let's honor Eric and Freddie for the great people they were, and the accomplishments they contributed to the world of Rock-n-Roll.
If you love drum solos like I do, enjoy this fantastic solo from Eric at a 1988 concert in Japan, and Freddie belting out Don't Stop Me Now with Queen

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