Truck and tractor pulls, a rodeo, demolition derby, exhibits, and carnival rides are just highlights of what you'll experience at the 2018 Harford Fair which will run from Monday, August 20th through Saturday, August 22nd!

The village of Harford is a quaint and quiet one. Well, for 51 weeks out of the year it is, but that all changes on the third full week of August each year when roughly 65,000 people from near and far visit this small town for the really big Harford Fair.

What is it about the Harford Fair that draws in thousands and thousands of people? Well, the fact that it's one of the few truly agricultural country fairs still in existence has a lot to do with it.

At the Harford Fair, you can play “Farmer for a Day,” learn how bees make honey, or even milk a goat. Learn about the incredible history of the fair through the artifacts on display in the Founders Museum and the New Log Cabin. If you're hungry, there are dozens of food vendors ready to fill your belly with the likes of funnel cake, potato pancake, corn on the cob, and even baked potatoes.

If you're feeling lucky, there are also a variety of contests that you can enter including the Baby Show, Kiddie Tractor Pull, Truck and Tractor Pulls, a turkey calling contest and more.

The fair ticket window will be open during the duration of the fair, or you can purchase tickets in advance here.

[via Harford Fair]