I love stadiums. Weird thing to say, I guess. But then again, you''ve always known me to be a bit weird.  Maybe it's the part of me that loves architecture and just how awesome that a building can be constructed to hold and entertain over 100,000 people. Can you imagine the monthly electric and water bill of these giant stadiums?

So, I took a look at Wikipedia's article 'List of Stadiums by Capacity' to find out how many stadiums around the world can fit at least 100,000 people, and there were 11 that came up. Wikipedia notes that these numbers are the capacity of each stadium that they can accommodate normally. I imagine each stadium may be able to fit in more people in the corners, on the field, etc. to add more to the capacity if needed.

I found pictures of them on Google Maps and have them in order of capacity as listed in Wikipedia, but they note that the #1 stadium, Rungrado 1st of May Stadium in North Korea has an official capacity of 150,000, but lists 114,000 after a remodel in 2014, so if that's true, this stadium would come in second, rather than first. But, let's give them the official capacity anyway and let them be #1.

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Congratulations to Texas for having two of the largest stadiums by capacity in the world. Before you look at the pictures, can you guess what stadium on the list is just about a 3 hour drive southwest of Binghamton?

via Wikipedia, Google Maps

11 Largest Capacity Stadiums in the World

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