"I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them."

That's a quote from the hit show "The Office" that has stayed with me ever since the show ended, maybe because it's so true.

The 2010s flew by incredibly fast, or at least that's the way it seemed.

Seriously, in 2010 I was in my senior year of high school, trying to figure out what I wanted to do and be.

In the decade that followed, I graduated from Greene Central High School, went to SUNY Broome then Oswego State University (go Lakers!), become a television reporter, then producer, then content manager, and started working here.

Most importantly, I got married, and in a few short months, I'm going to be a dad. Wil stuff.

However, there's lots of things this decade that were big for a while, then died out. Here's some things you may have forgotten were a pretty big deal throughout the 2010s.

  • 1


    Remember planking? You may have seen people post these monstrosities on Facebook.

    My question is: What did this accomplish?

  • 2

    Lady Gaga's Meat Dress

    Or as I call it, "The Opposite of Bear Repellant".

  • 3

    Kony 2012

    The old bait-and-switch for people who thought this was the world's longest political ad.

    Did they ever catch Kony?

  • 4

    The End of the World?

    It turns out that the ancient Mayans were completely off when they thought the world would end in December 2012.

    However, if people could forsee would would come of the 2016 presidential election, I'm sure more people would have gladly welcomed a giant fireball to devour the Earth.

  • 5

    The Harlem Shake

    The man who started the Harlem Shake phenomenon, former Youtuber and current rapper Joji (who went by FilthyFrank at the time), did so on a whim, and thus proved people will latch on to anything on the internet.

  • 6

    That Freaking Dress

    Everyone freaked the f*** out over what color this dress is.

  • 7


    Everyone freaked the f*** out over whether they were hearing "yanny" or "laurel".

  • 8


    Everyone freaked the f*** out over a gorilla. We're now approaching our fourth year of the morning period.

    People freaked out about a lot in the 2010s is what we're saying.

  • 9

    Clown Scares

    Ahh yes. 2016: the year completely lost it and decided to trigger people's deepest fears and tried to make people think they were in real-life "Saw"

    It's a good thing it didn't happen in the Southern Tier (that I know of). The population of people that own guns around these parts is at least, if not greater than, the stray cat population.

  • 10

    The Total Solar Eclipse

    We'll finish off with a nice one. This was truly one of the coolest things I was able to experience.

    School, workplaces, everywhere paused for a brief moment in August 2016 to take a look at an astrological event that won't happen again until 2024.

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