Skynet anyone? I am not a huge fan of the terminator movies, but is life going to imitate art soon?

I am not one for stressing about privacy. I knew that when the internet got the point it is, we would have to compromise. Then came the NSA and DEA revelations. I got a little uptight.

Now, thanks to the Huffington Post I am creeped out! They have pointed out that many of our household items are connected to networks, which means the possibility of being spied on. After all, anything on the 'net can be hacked.

Here are some things around the house to think about changing:

1. your TV. if you have it hooked up to the internet it can be turned into a web cam.

2. Cable box. Some now are equipped with motion sensors and cameras to target ads towards your family better. Now you know why you see tons of food ads.

3. Appliances. Anything you can sync up with your apps can be messed with. Again, they are now at the mercy of the internet.

4. Heat and AC. Seriously. Again, if it is connected to a network, than a hacker can track your settings and preferences on them to figure out when you are not home. Crap!

5. Insulin pumps and pacemakers. This is the worst. These along with other medical devices are now mini medical computers. That means they can be hacked too. Dead by hacking is just a click away.

I think we have let our lives be controlled too much. We should unplug and  get back to basics at home, at least.