I love my GPS.
It has found many destinations I probably would have missed, and consequently gotten lost.
A few years ago I was vacationing out West, and when it was time to return the rental car at a Las Vegas car rental hub, I thought it would be fine to find my own way there, rather than use the GPS.
Not a good idea.
After missing the exit I needed to take, I decided to let my trusty GPs take over, which is what I should have done to begin with, but being a guy, you know we don't want help.
Anyway, after punching in the address, that GPS barked out the lefts and rights, and got me to the front door of the rental agency in quick time.

But, that doesn't mean your GPS is always going to get you to the correct address.
Recently a couple of people found that their GPS guided them to an incorrect destination - the runway of an airport.
It happened at the Fairbanks International Airport in Alaska where the GPS guided them onto one of the airport's taxiways.
Now, there were signs and even a gate that they drove past, which should have been enough to make them realize something was not right.
So the moral of the story is, your GPS can be a great guide, but be aware of where you end up, because it could end up badly.

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