One of my goals in life to make things easier for those I know. Well, after today, I had to share this advice!

My Mom-in-law had to get an emergency operation today. When she got admitted to the hospital, they asked her a litany of questions. I mean  it took 30 minutes to ask them all!

Obviously, until the questions are all answered, no real treatment can be done, so there is a list of medical info you should always have on you, just in case.

1. Medical Insurance cards and information.

2. Primary care provider's phone number and fax number. This is just in case your primary is not in the system of the hospital or urgent care facility you visit.

3. Current list of medications, over the counter and natural remedies you are currently using. You may have to update this me, you don't want to try to run down the list from memory!

4. List of all medication allergies and related allergies. NOT environmental allergies!

5. All of your previous injuries, illnesses, and surgeries. I'm talking all the way back to childhood. Chicken pox, mumps,measles, the works.

6. Current health problems. These could include arthritis, thyroid problems, hearing loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, neck or back pain. You get it. Even heartburn (if you get it) should be on your list.

7. Write down if you or a blood relative has had difficulty with anesthesia. This is, apparently, very important to answer correctly.

The last two things are very important:

You should appoint a health care proxy, or person that makes medical decisions for you when you can't and you should have a living will. These will ensure your wishes, no matter what they are, are followed.

When you appoint your proxy, give them copies of the above papers and don't forget to keep copies on your computer or mobile device in printable format.

Being armed with all of this should make things much easier in the event you need to go to a medical facility.

Can you tell I am a very organized person?