I remember my mother, telling me that I needed to wear clean underwear, just in case I ever got hit by a bus. And I was always like, 'Mom, there ain't no buses out here, we live in the country.'  As you might guess, I got cracked with the back of a hand a lot.

Now that I'm older, I get the message. It as all about being prepared. So I hope this one high school wrestler had on clean Fruit of the Looms!

Michael McComish, a senior wrestler for the Madison Bulldogs (SD), was competing in a match at the annual "Madison Square Garden” when a huge light fell from the rafters directly on top of him.

I wrestled for a bit at Chenango Forks High School, and I never EVER though that giant overhead light would fall on me!   Atomic drop? Tombstone Piledriver? Stone Cold Stunner? Maybe!  But not the 'I've seen the light.'

Fear not, because the wrestler who got bushwacked by a head full of falling light is doing just fine and needed only stitches,  after what looked like disaster.

Betcha he looks up, next time he's on the mat!    Ouch!