It is human nature to want to set yourself apart from others. Some people use their pets to do that.

My pets have basic names: Toonces the Cat (SNL anyone?), Muffin and Cocoa. Some people, though, go that extra mile.

I love it when the Veterinary Pet Insurance company releases their annual list of bizarre pet names. These deserve a hearty applause! Some are cats and some are dogs. My top picks are:

1. Angus T. Brackencrack

2. No Marley Stoppit

3. Peanut Wigglebutt

4. Brutus Pancakes

5. Airbubble McMuffin

6. Felix Thunderpaws

7. Creme Bowling ball

8. Schnickelfritz

9. Dingleberry

10. Koobenfarben

Could you imagine going to a vet for the first time and giving these names? Awesome!