With Skyfall, the 23rd installment in the James Bond series, hitting theaters November 9th we celebrate 50 years of Agent 007.  50 years!

The James Bond character was created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming and brought to the big screen in 'Doctor No' in 1962.  Did you know that the name of 007 was taken from James Bond, a Caribbean bird expert Fleming liked?

Back to Bond. Casting for this role has always been controversial. When Sean Connery was cast as the first Bond, purists had fits.  He wasn't British he was (gasp!) Scottish! Apparently, people got over that, since he is consistently named the best Bond of the 6 actors who have taken on the role.

George Lazenby (who?) was Bond number 2 for a short-lived one term in the role. By all accounts it was a huge mistake.

The third Bond, Roger Moore, starred in 7 of the 007 films, equaling the number starring Connery. A little trivia: Moore never ordered a martini "shaken, not stirred" in any of the movies.

James Bond numero four was Timothy Dalton who, it was widely agreed, played the character exactly as Ian Fleming wrote it.  Dark and brooding.  He was in only 2 films.

My personal favorite in the Bond role is Pierce Brosnan. He got loads of practice being debonaire and secret agent like in the '80's show "Remington Steele". How much did I like him as Bond? "Goldeneye" is the only James Bond film I ever saw in theaters! Yum!

We are currently enjoying the work of Agent 007 number 6, otherwise known as Daniel Craig. He certainly created a buzz with his stadium entrance during the London Summer Olympics. What a way to promote the latest movie, Skyfall.

It is clear, regardless of who portrays him, that James Bond is entrenched in American Culture and always will be. Just like diamonds are forever......

Who is your favorite James Bond actor and favorite movie?