Every month, we work on coming up with prizes to award our Whale Rewards Club Members because, well, who doesn't like to win prizes?
We appreciate you being a member of our exclusive club, playing fun games, trivia, checking out all the other cool stuff, and earning Whale Rewards Club points.
You know those points help you to win prizes, so we want to make sure there are prizes worth winning, like tickets to a Syracuse Orange Football game, an evening of watching the Binghamton Senators play in a Skybox at the Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena or a Whale Bag of Crap.

You understand the first two very cool prizes, but what exactly is this Whale Bag of Crap all  about?
Well, if you're anything like me, you like to venture into the unknown.
When you drop a quarter into the gum machine, it's exciting to find out what you end up getting.
Even when you put your music player on shuffle, it's the same thing - you don't know what's coming up next, but it's exciting to find out.
That's where the Bag of Crap comes in.
Plus, it's just awesome to say on the radio!

I think we had as much fun buying the crap that when into the bag, as you will finding out what's in it...if you win!
But you can't win these great prizes, if you're not a Whale Rewards Club Member.
If you already are, thanks and enjoy!
If not, you can join easily, quickly and for free.
Just click below, start having fun, enjoy all the advantages, and hopefully win great prizes, like our Whale Bag Of Crap.
You want to know what's in it, don't you?