Should the internet be free? Emphatically YES. We have Wi-Fi set ups everywhere, in businesses, schools and even around our cities.

We have satellites hovering over our heads tracking our moves using the internet, so why do we need to pay for an internet provider?

The internet should be able to support itself and I feel somewhere down the line it will do just that, the big question is how long will it take? One year?, Five?, Ten?

I understand that the internet providers have to charge a fee for their services, it’s a business and they have cables to lay and maintain, plus people to pay for their services.

The technology has certainly reached the point where so many of us are dependant on the internet that there should be a socialized system in place.

I think with all the taxes we pay that some of that money could be used towards a nationwide Wi-Fi service.

Cell phone technology has changed drastically from being charged by the minute, the text and even the 2 year lease plans are being dropped by most providers.

When will the internet follow the needs of the many?