I mentioned this morning that Los Angeles Times Magazine predicted, in 1988, that we would have hover cars by 2013. Since the early 60's this has been an unrealized prediction. Until now?

According to several techie blogs, one company is getting very close to getting a hover craft onto the market. (Techies say hover car is science fiction terminology). You see, since the 60's, one of the biggest problems with these vehicles was roll overs. Now Aerofex is developing a stabilizing mechanism using a human's natural ability to balance. The craft has gone 30 mph and flown as high as 15 feet.

There are still bugs to work out, but families jetting around like the Jetsons will become a reality. A hoverbike is currently in prototype phase in New Zealand and at least 5 companies are hard at work testing ideas, including a flying jeep for the US Army.

The only question: when will it be successful?