Does the United States participation in the World Cup increase interest in the game for Americans?  I would say yes, soccer has always been a foreign sport to me, although it’s extremely popular in our schools and colleges.

The United States men's national soccer team, currently ranked number 13 has competed in the last 7 world cups and will face a tough team from Germany today at 12 noon.

I think the turn off for me is the defensive domination of the game, very low scoring and pretty much back and forth in much of the same patterns throughout the entire match.

Americans love lots of action and scoring in their sports and the rules and regulations regarding the big professional sports in our country have changed in favor of increased scoring and visual highlights.

I don’t think the sport of soccer will ever be as big here in America as it is in many other countries for the reasons I stated above, but do I plan on watching and routing for our team this afternoon, Go USA!