We all know the Southern Tier is in need of an economic shot in the arm. Tuesday, you will be voting on a possible "booster".

Proposition 1 is an amendment to the current gaming laws in New York. Here is what it is:

Proposal 1, An Amendment Authorizing Casino Gaming:

  • If approved by New York State voters this November, Prop 1 will amend the state constitution to legalize Class III Gaming and establish four destination gaming resorts in three Upstate NY regions.
  • Prop 1 will allow for a total of up to seven casinos for the purpose of promoting job growth, increasing aid to schools, and permitting local governments to lower property taxes through revenues generated.
  • The State Gaming Commission will oversee the regulation of destination gaming resorts. It will appoint a board of individuals with finance and development expertise to evaluate applications which will be selected competitively, based on specific criteria:
    • 70% will be based on economic activity and business development factors
    • 20% on local impact and siting factors
    • 10% on workforce factors
    • Local support must also be demonstrated as a threshold application requirement

    (info from http://www.voteyesforprop1.com/about-prop-1/)

    The good news is, if passed, there would be at least 1 casino here in the Southern Tier. The bad news is that the majority of people who abuse gambling are on fixed incomes. The estimates are that about twenty-million dollars a year would be put into our economy every year.

    This is a tough vote for you. What do you think?