It's happened before (1990's) and it will happen again; the Federal government is shutting down. For me, this means a couple of things. It shows the government is way over bloated and that the people we elected to represent us aren't.

This would not have happened if Washington and the President had passed a budget. There hasn't been one (first time in this Country's history) in almost 6 years. That screams of a bigger problem.

There is a panicked "oh my God, it's the end of the world!" media blitz, but we survived this before! Calm down.

Here are 5 ways the shutdown will not cause doom and gloom:

1. Federal employees will get unpaid leave, but will get paid for the time when the shutdown is over.**

2. Military employees will get paid. Military benefits will get paid out, as well. Congress tossed a last minute bill in to assure this.

3. You will still pay taxes. Oh wait, that one sucks!

4. You will still get your mail. The Postal Service isn't directly funded by the tax payers.

5. Gun permits will be delayed, but not cancelled out. Ditto for federal loans.

6. Entitlements like social security, food stamps and medicaid will be unaffected.

Who will be hardest hit by the shutdown? Federal parks and the City of Washington,DC.

It's just my opinion, but if this doesn't scream 'throw the long term ruling party out of office and put regular Joes in there" nothing does.


**to clarify - some in DC wanted to ax a chunk of these employees permanently. It sucks they will have unpaid leave, but thank God they will at least get retroactive pay and keep their jobs.