I get myself in the oddest situations sometimes. This situation, however, was serious and I stepped up.

Last year, I saw a woman allegedly being assaulted in Binghamton. I did not hesitate in calling police. I feared for her life. Well, this past week, I testified at the jury trial of the suspect. It was the right thing to do.

I was amazed when the Assistant D.A. told me it is a rare occasion when someone steps up like I did. I couldn't believe it! Then I got on the stand and I understood why, but I still would have done it all over again.

Look, I was nervous and thinking about "paybacks" as I sat there on the witness stand. I mean, the defendant could plainly see me. His lawyer knew my name. I am acutely aware of my surroundings now. Then again, I always should have been!

Yes, you could at times, put yourself in harms way, but you should not turn your back on anyone who could possibly come to physical harm. You would be, in my opinion, partly to blame. Could I live with the possibility of the victim being raped or murdered? Absolutely not.

So, if you wonder why there are what seems to be a lot of criminals on the streets, it's because witnesses are unwilling to testify. Do the right thing. report crime.