I have been asked by several people"What's the deal with the guitarist, bassist etc competitions?"

Well quite honestly, it is more about community awareness to our local music, our musicians and the people here that support it than it has anything to do with a competition.

Music is part of our culture. Music brings people together. Music can create happiness, sadness, anger, regret, and pretty much any emotion on the spectrum from one note, one chord, one song. To me, that is an amazing thing and we are so lucky to have people in our community that enable us to experience this feeling both as musicians and fans. Keep in mind that even if you do not play and are just a fan of music, the people that play in this area can't continue to do so without your love and support so give yourself a pat on the back!

To answer the initial question about all these competitions as far as what I am going to do after I get our Favorite Bassist of the Southern Tier; I plan to then move onto Favorite Vocalist. Eventually it would be nice to get the favorite guitarist, drummer, bassist, and singer together to cover a classic rock tune but I realize with everyone's schedule's, that may not be feasible.

I just wanted to thank everyone in this area again for providing us with and supporting local music. Rock on!