Friday the Thirteenth. Where did this superstition come from? Why are we so freaked out by this number on this particular day?

After doing some research, I found a bunch of different theories as to why we are so afraid of this date. I even found out that it isn't considered unlucky in all countries. Regardless, there are a large majority of us who fear this date.

Many of the theories point to twelve being the perfect number. There are twelve signs in the zodiac, twelve months in the year, twelve hours on the clock, and there were twelve Apostles of Jesus. Thirteen is one more than twelve, there for it is imperfect, incomplete and of course, deemed unlucky.

The dinner party theory. You aren't supposed to sit down to dinner with thirteen guests If you do, one of them will presumably die soon. There were thirteen people at the Last Supper; Jesus and 12 disciples and Jesus was killed on a Friday. At Valhalla, only twelve gods were invited to the banquet but Loki, the evil one showed up and sure enough, someone ended up getting killed. Keep this in mind next time you go out or sit down to dinner!

Friday the Thirteenth is also known as the Witches Sabbath, and there are thirteen witches in a coven. As you may have noticed, up until recently in pop culture, witches are typically associated with evil.

So it turns out, there are a million theories out there on why Friday the thirteenth is bad luck however, there is no concrete evidence to support our claims. Believe what you wish, as for me, my belief falls somewhere in the middle. Either way, tread carefully my friends!