Apparently, having a wingman is not just some pathetic crutch used by inexperienced dudes that can't get action on their own. Actually, pairing up while on the prowl is something that scientists say is hardwired into the sexual animal that is man - similar to how other species ensure random hook-ups in the wild.

But, why would a man help another man take home a girl when all he gets to do is return home alone and 'surf the web?' Well, it turns out that men who show up alone to a social situation in hopes of getting some nookie are simply less likely to be noticed by the female persuasion as suitable mates, says Daniel Kruger of the University of Michigan.

“Thousands of years ago, living alone was a very risky situation due to both predators and other human groups,” he said. “Nowadays, women are likely to be wary of a loner at a pub. But if he’s with friends, it shows that people like and trust him. In this way, both guys would attract more sultry looks if they pair up.”

Unfortunately, though, the wingman is typically a man who is viewed by the ladies as the less attractive of the two and is usually destined to go home all by his lonesome, little blue-balled self. Yet, thanks to the thrill of the hunt, you had better believe that wild-eyed guy will be on the prowl again very soon - perhaps with an unattractive wingman of his very own.