There is a reason we are attracted to certain types of people with certain types of qualities....because that's exactly what we like! I've tried dating people that possess different qualities than what I'm normally attracted to and it never works.

There is a reason I don't normally like people that I would categorize, fairly or unfairly, as "preps" or "jocks." I am very down to earth and not super materialistic. I like to dress nice but I don't necessarily need to dress to the nines every single day to prove to myself I am worthy of the world. Beauty is on the inside for me and if you are just a pretty face, I'm not having it.

I also tend to gravitate towards musicians. If I can't discuss music with you at all, then it probably won't work. If you love country and nothing else, it also won't work. Now, on the other hand, if we like music that's different but that I can still appreciate that's great. Even better if you play an instrument and can understand theory to have serious discussions about different types of music and experience different types of artists in a live setting.

I once had a gentlemen call me about a year after we dated. We had only dated for a couple months and while we had fun, we just didn't have many similar interests. He called and wanted to date again, so I said: "I don't think this is going to work. What kind of music do you like?" He replied that he didn't really particularly care for music one way or the other. I then gave him a small chance to redeem himself by asking what his favorite genre of music was- his answer? Country. Click. End of conversation. Sorry buddy, it ain't happening.

As I do every so often, I recently tried to date someone who was not my type. Don't get me wrong, they are a great person and I'm sure someone will appreciate them down the road but they weren't for me. After stepping back and looking at the situation, it just seemed silly to me that I ever though it could work. I also discovered that if you aren't both completely open and honest from the beginning, the relationship will also not work.

Before you ask yourself "What is wrong with me?" consider that the person you are trying to date, might just not be your type. Did you have doubts about them for uncertain reasons in the beginning? This is your gut and your instincts telling you the relationship is not for you so take the time to listen!

I leave you with a toast to my type:blue eyed, intelligent guitar players with small egos who are down to earth, open minded, employed and will drink and dance the night away with me- Cheers!