So exactly how bad are the Ravens going to get beat in this years Super Bowl? Vegas odds makers have the San Fransisco 49ers anywhere from 3.5 to 5.5 point favorites in Sundays big game. Do you think the Ravens are gonna get spanked?
Who are you rooting for in this years NFL Championship Game?


Neither the Ravens or the Niners have ever lost a Super Bowl game. That's gonna change this year. So... which one is gonna bite the big one?


The Niners lost to the Giants, and St Louis, two teams not making the playoffs (and yes the tied the Cardinals, which is neither a win or a loss. It's like kissing your sister) Does that mean they will end up folding up the playbook and going home early?


Do you have a thought on who the better team is?


Coach John  Harbaugh picked Colin Kaepernick as the 49ers starting QB over Alex Smith. Or was it Jim Harbaugh? I can't remember which coach is which and who coaches for who.   Oh well, does it really matter?


The Giants, Jets and.... and I'm nearly laughing now, The Buffalo Bills are not at the Big Dance, so maybe we will all be watching the game for those Doritos's commercials.


Will this be a good game, or will it be a bazillion to 10, before Beyonce' starts lip synching the halftime show?


San Fran    or     Baltmore ?