As I listened to the media hype surrounding the Big game in Jersey on Sunday, I had to chuckle. The question most asked was "who's going to win?" The second most? "Who's got the edge?"

What lame questions! You can have as much knowledge as Greg Cosell (yes, Howard's nephew), but you still can't definitively answer either question. I can even spin some of the stats and sound believable. Doesn't mean I am right!

Let me answer the number 1 question in the most honest, logical way possible. Oh, and I will be 100 percent right.

The team that makes the least mistakes, executes it's game plan flawlessly, focuses the most and lets its actions speak louder than words will win. What the team's name is, I have no clue!

I hope the Broncos win, but when the number 1 offense faces the number 1 defense anything can happen. it has never happened before.

Instead of focusing on the hype, I hope you enjoy the game. I know I will!