I am a big fan of chocolate milkshakes.
It's hard to resist, but I do have certain requirements to said shake, or it's no good to me.
Simply, it must have a rich chocolate taste (don't skimp on the flavor) and it must be thick.
By 'thick', I mean you can still suck it through a straw, but it takes an effort to do so.
I don't want a shake that's so thick, you need a spoon, because that my friend is called a 'Frosty', which I also like, but it's not a shake.

I can give you an exact example of what I'm looking for.
The best chocolate shake I've ever had, comes from Dumser's Dairyland in Ocean City, MD.
If you've ever been there, maybe on vacation, and experienced one, you know what I mean.
But, how often do I get to Ocean City?
It's been close to 10 years, and it's a tad too far to visit for a milkshake.
There must be someplace in the Southern Tier of New York or the Northern Tier of PA that can come close, match, or better Dumsers, right?

So, my question to you is, who in a 30 mile radius of Binghamton, can match my expectations of a rich, thick, chocolatey shake?
Let's see your nominations!  Email them to me at don@991thewhale.com