As the Giants prepare for this weekend's game against the Denver Broncos, the bookies are setting the odds and pundits are breaking down the stats. After all, this game pits brother against brother: Peyton and Eli Manning.

Sure, you can go by the numbers or watch footage and decide who has the edge, but I prefer a different (and to me more accurate way) of picking the winner: their other talents!

That's right, I have reviewed their off the field talents and scored them. Though they were judged in 10 categories (including comedy ability), here are the top talents the Manning brothers possess.

Let the judging begin!

  • 1

    Oreo Cookie Handling

    One of the first non-football talents the Manning boys showcased was their Oreo prowess. They graced the small screen in a series of commercials to show their "double stuff"! Note the sloppy handling by Peyton and the waste of white filling on his chin. I don't see any on Eli.  Winner: Eli.

  • 2

    70's Hair Showdown

    Another talent is handling your hair. Being in the public demands looking good, even when you're stylin' 70's hair! Note how Eli controls his locks better than the pigskin, but Peyton's mullet is a slippery fish! Winner:  Eli

  • 3

    Dance Off

    Since Emmit Smith's trophy winning run on Dancing With The Stars, we have judged men on their smooth moves. Here is Peyton's touchdown of an SNL dancefest. That's right, it wasn't even close. Eli was brutally embarrassing. Winner: Peyton

  • 4

    The Best Manning is.......

    Eli Manning!

    To quell the yelling, here is his losing dance. But at least he won overall!