I have been a very rabid local sports fan. I played high school football and wrestled for a little bit at Chenango Forks High. I also called, 'play by play,' for high school football and basketball, for many years on the radio. I am in awe of the raw, natural talent that some of these kids have displayed.


That same talent that got them scholarships, or got them drafted. So right now I am taking your nominations for:
'The Best Greater Binghamton Athlete Ever.'

We will take your nominations through Sunday, March 3rd. Then, we will place the top 10, or 15, in a poll, and you will be able to vote for the best runner, pitcher, hoopster, baller... and yes, MMA fighter, to come out of the Binghamton area.

There are only 2 rules.

1) They have had to have played high school sports in the Greater Binghamton Area. (put a pin in a map and draw a 45 mile circle around Binghamton)

2) You need to write your nomination below in the comment section of this blog on 991thewhale.com or it doesn't count!

Most of you have a smart phone. While you are sitting in your barbers chair, bring the topic up and vote! While you are at breakfast at your local diner, start a conversation and get everyone to start voting. While your at your local bar, get it going and get everyone to vote!

Is King Rice the best athlete to ever come outta the Binghamton area, or is it Bobby Campbell? Will it be Troy Nickerson, or one of the fabulous Jones brothers? Adley Raboy, or Chad Noelle? Holly April, Barb Cook or Hannah Kimmel? Or maybe Hannah's dad, Jamie? Did anyone ever hear of Jim Johnson?


It's up to you! Start nominating your favorite local high school athlete and get all your friends and acquaintances to do the same.