Since the earliest days, starting in 1921 when White Castles opened it's first restaurant in Wichita, Kansas. Americans fell in love with Hamburgers.

I know there were many early hamburger places in the southern tier that date back before my time, my earliest memories was Carroll’s on Upper Front st in Binghamton, home of the Club Burger (their version of a Big Mac)

I remember going there and getting a hamburger, fries and a shake with my dad. I don’t remember McDonalds at that time. The Carroll’s chain was bought by Burger King or transition into it, but I believe the Carrolls Corporation still exists. I also remember Henry’s Hamburgers on main st, which I believe was Lawson’s at one time.

There are many ways to dress up a burger, ketchup, mustard, onions, pickles, relish, hot peppers, fat, thin, double patties…etc

So who has the best burgers now? Where do you go when you just gotta have one?

Tell us your nominations for Best Burgers!

We’ll post the nominees and poll our listeners to see who has the area’s best hamburgers.