Ever wonder where some sports teams got their nickname from?
I have, and after a bit of checking around, I've found an answer to some.

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

A few of my favorite teams include the Knicks (through thick and thin), the Rangers and the Giants.
But my first favorite sports team was the Houston Astros.
The uniforms were cool back in the day, and they had the Astrodome!
I guess the reason I really took to the team, was because I was born in Texas, so I felt it important to be true to my birth state.

It's interesting to find out how your favorite teams got their name, and I found an article from a blogger named Greg in Whittier, CA. who did a great job coming up with the answers.

Check out his site, and see how your NFL team got it's name -  'Origin of NFL Team Names."