Obviously, you can guess from the title that I am using the term friendship quite loosely in this post.

I have had a number of friends, as most people do who have greatly disappointed me in this life. I'm not talking about acquaintances here but people that at times in your life, you considered your family you were so close who then turn out to be not so nice people down the road.

There are certain friends of mine, I will forgive for almost anything (within reason). Then there are other people that, maybe I didn't grow up with but became very close with over the course of years as an adult and they don't seem to understand the meaning of being a true friend. At what point do you stop forgiving people for their faults and at what point do you just say forget it?

I have tolerated a lot in terms of so called friends throughout the years. What I never cease to understand is why people can't always treat me the way I treat them as a friend and human being? Everyone makes mistakes and I am certainly not perfect but, given the opportunity to apologize or redeem myself if I truly messed up, I pretty much always do. Heck, a lot of times I apologize for things that I shouldn't apologize or, just for the sake of keeping the peace and moving on!

I realize this will be different for every person in every situation. Any advice on if you just forgave someone two weeks ago for not being a good friend for no reason for 6 months and then that same person turns around and twists things that come out of your mouth to simply start drama and hurt others? I am at quite the loss friends. Let me know what your thinking! Love you all.