Our Giants are 0-5 heading into tonight's game with the Chicago Bears and they could use a pick me up. Shameless plug: tune the game in beginning at 7:25 right here with us!

One of the biggest problems is injuries. David Wilson is the latest to sit out a game, with a neck injury preventing him from taking the field tonight. We all know that isn't the only reason the Giants are struggling, but it's tough to put a finger on the problem.

Instead of dwelling on the record, I say we boost the morale of Big Blue by giving them advice!I have a couple ideas to get the ball rolling, but I really want to hear from you.

1. Keep all personal problems out of the locker room.

2. Ignore the outside talk. Sports pundits and fans have no idea what goes on in your organization. You do!

3. Talk to a mentor, but don't talk to a bunch of them. Only one. Too much input will make you "short out" like a bad wiring job.

What's your advice?