Here at 99.1 The Whale, you overhear some really interesting things. Being that we're in the entertainment industry, and that includes not only radio, but videos, blogging, and on-location visits; we tend to overhear some really interesting things from time to time.

Here are some examples of a couple of things that I've overheard from not only 99.1 The Whale personalities, but also the others behind the scenes in sales, etc:

  • 1

    Random salesperson out of nowhere:

    When I was a young warthog! WHEN I WAS A YOUNG WARTHOOOGG!!!"

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  • 2

    Overheard while walking through the halls downstairs:

    I decided the saying 'Like taking candy from a baby' isn't nearly as correct as 'Like taking ice cream from a pregnant lady.' "

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  • 3

    By the water cooler:

    Employee #1: "Dude, are you drunk right now?"

    Employee #2: "N-nooo... I'm not slurring my words (slurred). I'm just speaking in CURSIVE!"

    Employee #1: "Lower your voice, Drunky Pants."

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  • 4

    Live on air:

    Hello? Are you paying attention? Hang on... she's Googling herself again..."

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  • 5

    Actual, real question by one of our salespeople:

    When is the noon meeting in the conference room?"

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  • 6

    Doug Mosher, to Kyle Mills:

    Hey man, have you seen my mullet wig? I can't find it anywhere. I even looked under the tutus and sombreros."

    Doug and Kyle