I asked this question on my personal Facebook page a few weeks ago, and had such great response, I though that I would share it with the rest of Whale Nation.
I graduated high school  in 1979 when the drinking age was 18. My friends and I went trolling in a variety of places across The Greater Binghamton Area. So, I was wondering, back in the day, what was your favorite place to party?


Was it high up on Mill Hill? Maybe it was Popeye's, or The Blue Moon? Out on Port Road,  a particular cemetery in Owego. Or even in a certain dance club in the Ramada Inn?

Oh there are others! Lots and lots of others!

I will be compiling your nominations throughout the week. Please type your selections below. Use your smart phone, your home computer and your PC at work (as long as the boss is not looking) You can nominate as many party places as you like. You can do it every day and from a variety of places. And I STRONGLY URGE THAT YOU RE POST THIS ON YOUR FACEBOOK WALL AND SHARE IT WITH AS MANY FRIENDS AS YOU CAN!

This should be a lot of fun so lets join in and spread the fun! So at lunch, over drinks, or at the water cooler, get the discussion started today. A


You have till Friday at midnight of this week to nominate your favorite party place (April 19th) Then Monday the voting will begin for Greater Binghamton's Best (back in the day) Place to Party.


Party on Wayne-----Party on Garth