As I was watching the Duels yesterday, I noticed an aero problem with the new Gen-6 car. I know the drivers have too. When they go to pass, the rear of the car wants to swing out and, according to some drivers once the rear makes the swing they can't get control back.

The Duels didn't see much passing, I think, because of that fact. Let's face it, four lead changes is kind of "ho-hum."  Let's hope the drivers get their confidence in the Gen-6 back before the green flag drops on Sunday.

Some drivers to watch on the big day: Kyle Busch has some serious speed at 193.966 (second fastest ever in the Duel). Kevin Harvick, because putting his cute little son in the seat before the race seems to have worked so far. Brad Keselowski who is at the wheel of a Ford for 2013 and Michael Waltrip who made the race thanks to a surprise solid finish in the Duel.

Of course, pole sitter Danica Patrick and her new boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr will be under the microscope as well.

Who do you think will cause the "big one" and who will win?