This week, I shared a few ways that we can reduce stress here in the Southern Tier. I picked ways that are unique to the area.

Well! It was brought to my attention, by some very adamant local guys, that they do things differently. So, please accept my apologies gentlemen! Here is the list as you tell it:

  • 1

    Go racing

    Whether it's as part of the team or in the stands, racing is a favorite activity to relax. You've got Five Mile Point, Penn Can (which I can hear in my house!), Skyview Drags and Champion Speedway. No matter which you pick, there is always action.

    Five Mile Point Speedway Facebook page
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    This is not your typical shopping. It only involves tools and man toys. Here is what I was informed; the tool aisle of Sears, home improvement stores and a certain "tool" store" are the only destinations that relieve stress. Anything else causes it!

    Craftsman Tools Facebook page
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    Riding the motorcycle

    I was reminded that this is the way guys clear their heads and bring the old blood pressure down a few notches. There is nothing like the road stretched out before a guy and not being boxed into a car or truck.

    Best choice of them all!

    American Legion Post 86 Facebook page