The Binghamton Mets begin the 2016 season April 7th, and new owner, John Hughes has some exciting changes coming. Some of those changes include new food concessions, playing surface, team store, new lighting and the addition of a party zone at the stadium.

One other change what will be big, is the name change. While the Binghamton Mets name is a great name, it doesn't have a local tie, and that's what John would like to see. He will be launching a 'Name the Team' contest when the season begins where fans can submit their choice through the 25th of April.

Six entries will be chosen and will move on to the next round. The new name will be announced at the end of this season. So, what name would you like to see the Binghamton Mets adopt? The Binghamton Carousels? The Binghamton Speidies? Maybe the Binghamton Simulators? Yea, those are a bit lame.

It's your turn. Tell me what name you'd like the Binghamton Mets to adopt, or do you think they should remain the Binghamton Mets?