According to a new study, the thing that improves your mood the most is . . . HAVING SEX.  Going to concerts, visiting museums, and exercising were also in the top four.

What this report failed to mention is that there is another really REALLY good reason to be in a good mood...




That's what put me in my good mood this morning. I was in the spare bathroom of my house, attempting to re-bandage the thumb that I put a 4 inch screw through while setting up for Cruisin'Pallooza 13.  I reached in the band-aid box, and to my dismay and glee, found $100 in 20-dollar bills.


This Cruisin'Pallooza puts my mind into another world. So I must have been wrapping by digit last weekend, quickly cleaning up my mess and slid the cash into the box. And I rarely use band-aids so I likely would have never found it!


So yippie.... I have gas and lunch money today! And when I get home, I'm gonna look in my cereal box, just for the hell of it. Hey, you never know?


Where's the strangest place you ever found money?

1.  Having SEX . . . it supposedly improves your mood by 14.2%.

2.  Going to a concert, a play, or going dancing improves your mood by 9.3%.

3.  Going to a museum:  8.8%.

4.  Exercising:  8.1%.

5.  Gardening:  7.8%.

6.  Singing or doing some other kind of performing:  6.9%.

7.  Talking with friends:  6.4%.

8.  Being around nature:  6.3%.

9.  Walking or hiking:  6.2%.

10.  Hunting and fishing:  5.8%.