One of my past blogs dealt with the subject, how much money would, it take to make your life happy and secure?

I just came across another survey that shows it’s more about the little things in life that make people the happiest.

Most of us are fine with having enough money to pay our bills and maybe take a nice vacation once a year, but the quality time we spend with our families is on the top of my list.

Things like sharing a good meal with my wife, sometimes we just put on some good tunes and kick back and talk.

We like to canoe on local rivers and lakes, a relatively inexpensive activity that can make for a nice relaxing afternoon.

Maybe take a family trip to the gorges and parks in south central New York, pack a lunch and take the whole family.

People spend thousands on a big vacation and have no more to show for it then a few pictures.

Sometimes quality comes in some quantities.