There is an old saying that goes “You Get What You Pay For” Many people look for the best deal they can but the lowest priced deal can often cost you more in the long run.

Some examples are towels and linen, when I was single I would grab the cheapest ones I could find. The wash clothes would damn near take my skin off and the sheets would fade and tear within the first six months.

The same with furniture, the cheap dressers and end tables would chip, fade, and warp within the first couple of years, hardwood furniture will last for years and look better with age than that rock bottom priced cheap balsa wood dresser.

Building supplies and materials are a perfect example of the YGWYPF saying, cheap paint goes on cheap and needs to be applied two or sometimes three times for one project.

Food is another bargaining item and some types have very little differences in terms of ingredients, but many have high levels of sodium, fat, and other unhealthy substances.

I buy a lot of my meat at a butcher shop, it costs a little more but I don’t pay for a clump of fat or grizzle that is hidden in the package. I also buy bulk packages of chicken breasts and cut them up to make my own speidies.

Everybody has their own way of shopping and their own perception of a bargain, this blog is just to get you thinking about the long term results of shopping, and that many times cheap is cheap.