This might sound like a silly thing to think about but considering the roller coaster ride of friendships that have come and gone for me, it is something I think about probably once a week.

Some people are meant to come and go in your life, which for me was hard to except for quite some time. Sometimes people serve a purpose for a certain amount of time and then they are magically gone. It's sad but for all of those people I've had in my life, I wouldn't change anything. I appreciate the time we spent together and the memories we share.

Then you have people you consider your best friends. What's the difference? To me, a best friend is someone that realizes your faults and flaws and still loves you for everything you are. There are many times I have wanted to strangle my best friends and hug them at the same time. As I know they have wanted to do the same for me. I think the difference is that you can instantly forgive them no matter what because you know they would take a bullet for you.

What brought all of this up specifically might you ask? The last few weeks have been a rough road but I am so thankful for my two closest friends. One is leaving to chase her dreams and the other was in the hospital recently. Krista, I wish you the world in California, and I still hope you come back even though that's selfish because I'm going to miss you terribly. My partner in crime when it comes to everything ridiculous and out of control. I honestly don't know how I survived Binghamton before you came. Kyle, I really can't believe all the stupid stuff we've been through but I don't know what I'd do without you- I'm so thankful you're okay. Now get better faster so I can continue to try to beat you up when I'm mad and you can take out my garbage again.

To all my friends, I love you and I am so thankful to have you in my life whether it was years ago, you are right now, or you will be in the future.