With Valentines day coming up, Confused.com has listed the top five worst dates ever as conducted in Great Britain. (um, that's England, Scotland.... etc...)


When it comes to a first date, wading through crap,  is only slightly worse than introducing someone to mom and dad.  What is your worst, first date ever?  

Here are the survey's top five vote getters.

#1.)  A day trip to a sewage treatment plant.
#2.)  A tour of a casket factory.
#3.)  Meeting the other person's parents.
#4.)  Visiting a prison.
#5.)  Going to a wedding.

I'm sure if you really wanted to, you may be able to book a tour of the Binghamton-Johnson City Joint Sewage Treatment Plant for a date. You can tell 'em that in Brooklyn,  the Newton Creek sewage treatment plant is offering Valentine's tours.  It's very popular.
So..... What is your worst, first date ever?