Most of my life I have heard people complain about the red tape involved with dealing with the U.S. government. People complain about high taxes, "pork" in legislation, and not being heard.

The last few years, I too have become very frustrated. As I maneuvered through unemployment and lived on the hairy edge of the middle class gray area (you make too much for aid but are barely getting by) I began to think that those controlling our government have lost sight of what the Founders intended and the oath they swear to uphold.

Now come the scandals of excess by the IRS, Department of Justice and State Department. Career bureaucrats taking way too many liberties, making calls they have no power to and generally trampling the ideas of the Constitution. And, the latest that I heard this morning: secret email addresses being used by high officials. Congress, who oversees emails, etc. didn't even know about them!

What is happening to our Country? Abraham Lincoln, in his Gettysburg Address said this is a government "of the people, by the people, for the people." That was what the Founders intended, but somehow it is all about agendas, money and power. This is my own opinion, but what happened to representing the people?

I am concerned. So are many others, as evidenced by a brave woman, Becky Gerritson, as she testified in front of Congress yesterday. Set aside petty stereotypes and watch this video. She is an average American, just like you and me and what Gerritson had to say most of us have thought or said.

God Bless America. Vent over.