I suppose I am not really much of a dating person but I happen to be single at the moment so I have been on a couple dates.

Now what I specifically talking about is action. Is it acceptable to sleep with someone on the first date? Kiss? Go to third base? Or what?

If you really like someone and respect them, I think anything more than a kiss is a no go on the first date. If a man tries to stay at my house on the first date, I automatically want him to leave even if I am attracted to him because this shows he most looks at me as a sexual object only. Obviously, if you took me out on a date, you are somewhat attracted to me physically however, don't think that just because you bought me dinner you have the right to sleep with me.

A first date is getting to know someone's personality. Maybe we had a great time and maybe something happens down the road but if you are respectful of me as a person, then don't even think of trying to go further than a kiss on the first date!